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Easy to use, simple to set up and very affordable!

Free diverted calls to your mobile!

All incoming calls will automatically be diverted to your mobile, keeping your Landline Handy. We also have additional features that will help improve your businesses productivity.

Free same day setup!

We will have your Handy Landline set up within 24 hours. No installation required, no additional products needed, just your mobile phone and you will be ready to receive incoming calls.

Free choice of any UK Geographical Number!

You can choose any number (01/02) from any UK Town or City. If you are a national company, you may want to consider choosing an 03300 number. We have thousands of landline numbers ready to go!

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Here is a bit more information…

One Monthly Cost

We dislike services that have hidden fees or charges. That is why Handy Landline has no hidden fees or hidden charges. There are no call charges, divert charges or set up charges. Just one monthly cost of £9.

No Yearly Commitments

We think it is unfair to tie small businesses into long yearly contracts. Handy Landline allows you to cancel at any time, for any reason. There will be no penalties, no fees and no charges. You can even switch to another provider for free!

Comprehensive Features Included

We like value for money and that is why Handy Landline has a comprehensive list of features included in the price! You don’t have to use all of them, just the ones that will suit your business.

Cheaper than a Wired Landline

Handy Landline is half the price of  BT’s line rental and we don’t charge for any diverted calls or stick you into a long term contract. On top of that, there are no installation charges or set up fees.

You can start your 30 Day free trial now. No billing information required.

Handy Landline’s Inclusive Calling Features

Our inclusive calling features are automatically provisioned and can be changed at any time, at no additional cost! Which feature would benefit your business?

Number Display

You can choose to either show the callers number, or you can show your Handy Landline number, when receiving phone calls. That way you know its a business call or personal call.

Custom Announcements

You can choose to play a Welcome Announcement for all callers and you can also choose a Whisper Announcement for yourself, before the call is diverted.

Awake / Sleep Function

Have preferred times to receive calls? You can let us know your ‘awake’ time and any call received outside of this time, will be sent straight to voicemail leaving you to ‘sleep’.

Voicemail to Email

Any voicemail left on the Handy Landline will automatically be emailed to you along with the callers number and time of the call. This way you can store all voicemails and listen at any time.

Multiple Divert

You can request all incoming calls to divert to multiple numbers at a time, only one person can answer the phone call.

Organised Divert

Divert the phone call to different numbers in an order. For example call the sales agents first, then call the managers after, until it is answered or sent to voicemail.

Timed Divert

Divert incoming calls to different numbers depending on the time of the call. Great if you have someone working on the morning shift, but someone else on the afternoon shift. This can also work with days of the week.

Holiday & Special Days Function

Handy Landline understands you may not want to receive phone calls during your holiday, or special occasions. That’s why you can let us know when you want to divert calls straight to voicemail during these times.

Additional Numbers

We understand that you may want to add additional numbers onto your account. Handy Landline allows you to add additional numbers for only £2 per number.

Give your business a local geographic today!

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